"there’s no too late"

it’s not only some meaningless word

but it contains chance

and what i have to do now is believe that it is.

I should not worry, things like this were really meant to be.

I’m on the other side of me, I’m feeling the pressure is getting on me and pushing me to the deepest

Wish I was taeyeon….

Wish I was taeyeon….

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Sherlock holmes and Running man are like……. U know, something spelled A-D-D-I-C-T-I-V-E. damn.

Playing with my classmates, it called who deserve becomes who, and here is the results:
Snow white: Dasom SISTAR
Jasmine: Bora SISTAR
Edward cullen: Kyuhyun SuperJunior
Bella swan: Krystal f(x)
Jacob black: Taecyeon 2PM
Alice cullen: IU
Harry potter: Minho SHINee
Hermione: Seohyun SNSD
Tom from Tom&Jerry: T.O.P BigBang
Pencil: Hara Kara
Patrick: Min Miss A
Squidward: Seungri BigBang
Pearl: UEE AfterSchool
Rapunzel: Yoona SNSD
Tinkerbell: Sunny SNSD
Couldn’t agree more….